Wow, things have changed on!

So I took a couple months off from blogging, just came back today and wow...  Lots of changes here!  Unfortunately, it looks like whatever upgrades happened caused some data loss.  I can't find any of the comments on my old posts, and the people I was...

The Buddha

I just love this picture of the Buddha.  Every time I look at it I feel more at peace.  I have been reading a good amount of Buddhist philosophy recently.  I used to find it dry and unrelatable-  now I find it infinitely helpful and practical. ...

On a Roll

"How are you feeling?  Good?"  I nodded, "Good."  "Well, I"m going to make you feel not so good!"  My trainer laughed, and thus commenced the latest of my "Death and Destruction" workouts yesterday afternoon.  I could just feel that things were going...

Another Great Session

I had another great session with my personal trainer at the gym today.  I worked really freaking hard, and loved every minute of it!  (Well, almost lol.)  I am proud of myself every week that I show up again and do my best.  

Hammerfists and Elbows

I had a great session at the gym yesterday.  30 minutes cardio on the treadmill, followed by an hour of practicing strike combos:  hammerfists, elbows and knees.  It felt so good to be pounding the pads again!

Follow Through

I think I can...I think I can...I think I can...I DID! Today is the day that I meet with my trainer for our weekly session of DEATH AND DESTRUCTION (aka personal training session.)  I've haven't been performing at my peak the last few weeks, so I...

Success is a Process

Whoohoo-  good workout today as well!  Did 30 minutes of cardio on my own this afternoon.  Feeling good.  :) One day at a time, one session at a time, one step at a time.  Success is an ongoing process.


"Walking, I am listening to a deeper way.  Suddenly all my ancestors are behind me.  Be still, they say.  Watch and listen.  You are the result of the love of thousands." - Linda Hogan


Just got back from a good workout today.  My trainer was sick, but he gave me some sets to work on on my own.  Tough work but I did it!

Everyone's a Fighter

‎"To me, to live is to fight. It's about persevering. It's about testing yourself. It's about not becoming complacent." -Rashad Evans


I had a pretty good workout session yesterday with my trainer.  Last week was a total bust as I was still getting over being sick, so I've been extremely frustrated with myself.  I was concerned that I wouldn't be able to make it through this week's...

Victory is a State of Mind

Victory always starts in the head.  It's a state of mind.  It then spreads with such radiance and such affirmations that destiny can do nothing but obey. -Douchan Gersi

Being a Warrior

"Being a warrior is not about the act of fighting.  It's about being so prepared to face a challenge and believing so strongly in the cause you are fighting for that you refuse to quit." -Navy SEAL Machowicz